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Hangzhou International Jewellery and Gem Fair
                                        Exhibition Area                 Visitor attendance 

                                        6,300sqm                         5,000+ visitors from 16 countries and regions  

                                                             Number of exhibitors                   
                                                             200 exhibitors from 9 countries and regions 

3 national pavilions: Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Korea

3 group pavilions: Jewellery Jade Industry Association of Zhejiang Pavilion, 21 Gem Pavilion, Jinsi Jade Pavilion

3 special display zones: Zhejiang Liangzhu Cup Jade-carving Work 2014, Jade-carving Master Pieces, Mineral Crystal

 Buyers’ Comments

Agreed the fair is well-organised and easy to source products that they were looking for.

Would visit again next year.


 Exhibitors’ Comment


"The citizens in Jiangsu-Zhejiang Region are duly capable of buying and appreciating high-end products, especially jewellery items with both unique designs and collection values. The market potential is huge. However, local consumers are yet to have a good understanding of jewellery and gemstones. A platform is needed for disseminating and promoting related knowledge."


 “We became experts in the trading of Jade products in past years and have a private museum of our own in Xi’an. We pay special importance on traditional craftwork and concepts, and target mature women in first-tier cities. We exhibited to source wholesalers and agents in Hangzhou.”

“Da Yu Fang”

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