HK Updates

Hong Kong Updates

In our effort to keep you informed on the latest developments in Hong Kong, we are sharing with you the following reports and September Fair-related announcements:

• Hong Kong Chief Executive formally withdraws extradition bill

In a pre-recorded message televised in Hong Kong on 4 September, Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor presented four actions to initiate dialogue with various sectors of society, including the formal withdrawal of the extradition bill.

Here are excerpts from the Chief Executive’s public message:

“Many would say that we need a common basis to start such a dialogue, and that this has to start with the Chief Executive. I now present four actions to initiate this dialogue.

First, the Government will formally withdraw the Bill in order to fully allay public concerns. The Secretary for Security will move a motion according to the Rules of Procedure when the Legislative Council resumes.

Second, we will fully support the work of the IPCC. In addition to the overseas experts, I have appointed two new members to the IPCC, namely Mrs Helen Yu Lai Ching-ping and Mr Paul Lam Ting-kwok, SC. I pledge that the Government will seriously follow up the recommendations made in the IPCC's report.

Third, from this month, I and my Principal Officials will reach out to the community to start a direct dialogue. People from all walks of life, with different stances and backgrounds are invited to share their views and air their grievances. We must find ways to address the discontent in society and to look for solutions.

Fourth, I will invite community leaders, professionals and academics to independently examine and review society's deep-seated problems and to advise the Government on finding solutions.”

To view the full pre-recorded message, click here.

• Transport and Housing Secretary Frank Chan Fan looking into other ways to ensure smooth flow of traffic around the airport

On 2 September, Secretary for Transport and Housing Frank Chan Fan told a press conference that the government is “working out other strategies” to ensure the smooth flow of traffic around the airport.

“I would appeal to your understanding that I cannot disclose too much because that would affect subsequent operations and strategies but I can assure you that the airport community and the Government are working very closely with the determination to tackle this very seriously,” the secretary was quoted as saying.

• September Fair extends Hotel Sponsorship Programme; exhibitors have until 12 September to nominate their top 3 buyers

September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair exhibitors have now until 12 September to submit the names of three significant buyers who will be entitled to two free consecutive hotel room nights during the September Fair show dates.

The deadline for the submission of the filled-out forms, initially set on 5 September, has been extended to 12 September.

• Insurance

Onsite Pick-Up and Contingency Domestic Services will be provided by valuables forwarders to address some of the exhibitors’ insurance concerns. More details to follow.